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A laptop with a search results page with two men; one man is standing on a ladder pointing at the first search result, and the other is holding a blue magnifying glass up to the screen—tan background with two white clouds.

Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions For Beginners

I recently started in digital marketing. One of the first things I learned was how to write meta titles and meta descriptions. If you are...

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Animated image of 3 humans collaborating to optimize a YouTube video standing next to a human-size smartphone showing a YouTube video

YouTube SEO: Everything You Need to Know

YouTube is a social platform that houses a large number of videos. As of 2024, it is estimated that there are 800 million videos on...

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How To Navigate Web Design Trends in 2024 blog hero image of a finger pointing to graphic and charts on a computer screen

How To Navigate Web Design Trends in 2024

Web Design is constantly evolving and transforming before our eyes. Every year, web designers adapt to new emerging trends and client expectations due to technology...

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White graphic with an illustration of a purple computer with the loading screen displayed and tiny people holding various tools

Migrating Your Website To WordPress: What You Need to Know

Having a user-friendly and customizable website is important. WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the market, allows users to have...

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White graphic with an illustration of a person announcing something through a megaphone while standing in front of a phone with people rushing holding money and phones toward the announcer

Building Lasting Connections: 5 Ways to Foster Brand Loyalty

Making An Impression You only have seven seconds on average to make a first impression on a new customer ( LinkedIn ). Standing out among...

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Black graphic with an illustration of a cherry layer cake and a piece of HTML code to the right showing the image source and alt text for the cherry cake

The Importance Of Image Alt Text

What Is Alt (Alternative) Text? Alt text, short for alternative text, or alt tags are often the unsung heroes of website design. These small snippets...

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Purple graphic with a colorful illustration of html code on a web page

The Basics Of Creating & Using Web Components

Web components are a set of standardized web platform APIs that allow you to create reusable and encapsulated HTML elements with their own custom functionality....

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Light blue graphic with an illustration of a computer monitor with dark blue text on the screen that says "Website Plugins"

The Pros and Cons of Using WordPress Plugins

WordPress powers over 60% of websites that utilize a content management system according to W3Techs - World Wide Web Technology Surveys. A key advantage of...

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White graphic with illustrations of a man and woman using paintbrushes

The Parallel Evolution of Design & Technology

Like every aspect of life, technology has its influences. Graphic design and branding are no different. Throughout history, new technology has inspired and shaped the...

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Photo of a woman standing up and pointing to a note board with sticky notes on it and smiling while speaking to a group of five men and women gathered around a conference table listening to her

The Basics of User-Centered Design

What is User-Centered Design? “User-centered design (UCD) is an iterative design process in which designers focus on the users and their needs in each phase...

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3D rendering of a purple 2023 holiday background with various sized podiums with a white Christmas present with purple ribbon

5 Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce Website For The Holiday Shopping Season

The 2023 holiday season is quickly approaching, and it’s more crucial than ever that e-commerce websites are prepared to handle the volume of traffic and...

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White graphic with a purple desk with a purple mug and colorful red circle shapes surrounding it with two small people looking at computer screens with social media icons

What Social Media Platforms Are Right For My Business?

Social media is a vital aspect of many businesses growth strategies. Maintaining a presence on social media platforms can help a brand increase sales, gain...

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Photo of a person’s hand holding a smartphone with the Google Ads logo displayed on the screen with a computer in the background with the actual Google Ads platform displayed on the screen

Google Ads: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Advertising through Google Ads is one of the most effective and powerful ways to reach a target audience and drive both traffic and sales to...

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Grey graphic with colorful pink, turquoise, white, and purple icons representing social media engagement buttons and text boxes

5 Tips For Increasing Your Social Media Engagement

Social media is a great cost-effective resource for growing engagement. Whether a brand is trying to sell a product, grow its audience, provide information, or...

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White graphic featuring a black illustration of a computer monitor showing a video platform on the screen with a coffee and small house plant sitting on both sides of the monitor

Video Marketing: Trends for 2023

Video has grown to become one of the most popular trends in the marketing industry. From short form to long form, video has conquered digital...

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Image of an influencer holding up a lipstick as they create a video showcasing the product

Utilizing User-Generated Content & Influencer Marketing

Have you ever purchased a drink at Starbucks and when you walk up to grab your drink, your name is spelled wrong? This is a...

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Image of a black iPhone screen with multiple social media applications displayed

Writing For Social Media Platforms - Best Practices

The Importance of Having A Writing Style The power of social media has grown exponentially when it comes to the power that a brand has...

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Blue graphic with white website pages being connected by a grey link

How Internal Linking Can Help To Boost Your SEO Efforts

The practice of search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for decades. It has evolved and grown to include many new strategies that can help...

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Green graphic of the earth with yellow lines going all around it

How to Find Your IP Address

What is an IP Address? An IP address, or Internet Protocol address, is a unique string of numbers and dots that is assigned to each...

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Photo of a person's hands typing on a laptop keyboard

How to Check Your Browser Version

Find Your Browser Version Because things may not work on older browsers, it’s often helpful for web developers to know your browser version. This can...

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Photo of a man looking at charts on a laptop screen

How to Clear Your Browser Cache

Why Clear Your Browser Cache? To better explain the importance of clearing your browser cache, it’s important to start with what exactly your browser's cache...

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side view of hands on a laptop with the word SEO in blue cupped in one hand

6 SEO Considerations for Web Developers

SEO is an essential part of developing any website. Without proper implementation of SEO practices, the website and its content will not be findable on search...

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Male Videographer Edits and Cuts Footage and Sound on His Personal Computer, Puts on His Monitors/ Headphones. His Office is Modern and Creative Loft Studio.

Popular Styles of Videos to Promote Your Brand

The increasing importance of video means that creating consistent, high-quality video content is essential for staying a step ahead. As video continues to grow in...

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computer keyword lit up with the accessibility symbol and the word accessibility next to it

5 Ways to Improve Accessibility on Your Website

Accessibility elements are easy to overlook on your website. Most of the changes that make a website more accessible won’t appear to do much visually...

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photo of a camera lens up close

5 Things To Expect: Video Projects

So you are thinking about using a video to educate potential and or existing clients but you are unsure where to start. Well, you are in...

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Solution Agency's Tips For Teamwork Post graphic with laptop and silhouettes of drawn people

How We Leverage Project Management Software

Project management is the backbone of any creative agency. Without the proper planning, tracking, and follow-up, most projects would fail to see the finish line...

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Solution Agency Basic's Of Inclusive Design Graphic with blue people standing holding onto handles on a bus

Basics of Inclusive Design

It’s important for designers to take on a position of social responsibility when it comes to inclusive design. It is easy to forget about the...

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How The Domain Name System Works Header Image with server

How the Domain Name System (DNS) Works & Common DNS Records

Here at Solution Agency we have launched hundreds of websites during our 25-year existence.  One of the most misunderstood tasks of a website launch is...

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image with heart and like reactions floating around as a woman types on her keyboard

4 Easy Tips to Help Your Business Succeed on Social Media (and Avoid Frustration)

Getting started with social media for your brand or business often has the misinformed reputation of being a low maintenance and a low strategy task....

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graphic of a computer with charts emerging from the bottom of it

Surviving Your First 90 Days as a New Developer: Top 5 Tips

Landing your first job as a developer is exciting, but it can also be scary diving into a new career. You’ve been through months, sometimes...

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Graphic of a man sitting at a desk and using a laptop with icons floating above his head

What to Expect When Working with the Solution Agency Development Team

Getting started working with a new development team at a digital agency that your team has never worked with before can seem daunting. You want...

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Collage of various 1990s design styles

1990s Design Revival

“Trends Come in Cycles.” Almost everyone has probably heard some version of this adage. It’s something I first remember hearing as a teenager, thinking “Yeah...

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illustration of computer screens and phone screens with purple and blue gradient overlay

Reaching Your Audience with Google Display & Google Video Ads

Digital Ad Targeting in the Wake of iOS 14.5 The recent iOS 14.5 data tracking privacy update from April 2021 has advertisers scrambling to figure...

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Graphic of three small people sitting, carrying, and holding icons

Brand Positioning

In the Spring of 1917 American’s found themselves entering one of the deadliest wars in human history - The Great War. The “war to end...

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Graphic of a small brick and mortar shop with people pushing a cart and carrying bags as they walk outside of it

Digital Brands and Behavior Psychology

Connecting with Your Consumers Online in 2021 Are you feeling overwhelmed with the latest trends, patterns, and constantly trying to find ways to connect with...

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purple solution planter with small plant and red ornament

Happy Holidays From the Solution Team!

What a wild ride this year has been. Yet, we're still raising our glasses in appreciation for all of your support. Here at Solution Agency,...

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adobe max 2020 logo with rainbow colored background

Adobe Max Conference 2020

The Adobe Max Conference is a creativity conference that occurs every year featuring inspiring speakers and Creative Cloud announcements. Hours of live content include: keynote...

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graphic of a computer with charts emerging from the bottom of it

Google Analytics 4 Is Here

If you, like many of us, have been overwhelmed with a cacophony of news you may have missed a little announcement from the Google Team...

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Graphic of piles of folders inside of computer hardware

Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage? Cloud storage allows you to store your files online, easily access them remotely, and share and edit with others. Transferring big...

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Photo of a man holding an iPad and speaking to a group of people not in frame

PowerPoint vs. Prezi

Which one should you use to make the most of your presentation? Exciting presentations can be hard to put together. There are always new and...

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