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Writing For Social Media Platforms - Best Practices

May 16, 2023 - Cassidy

The Importance of Having A Writing Style

The power of social media has grown exponentially when it comes to the power that a brand has to reach its target audience. Every user on social media is different, so it’s important to have content that is attractive to multiple types of users. Once a brand has its specific style, it will begin to grow its audience and have a niche spot in the market.

Some users access social media to stay in contact with friends and to view their peers’ photos & videos. Others use it to shop for products or stay up to date with brands. No matter what the user’s reasoning is for using social media, they use each social media platform differently. It is essential for brands to write content that fits each individual platform. We have gathered a few common best practices to use when writing copy for each social media platform.

Writing Copy For Social Media Platforms


Since the launch of Instagram, users around the world have had the ability to share visuals. It gives fans the chance to peek into the lives of their celebrities, stay up to date with friends, and be on top of current events. Instagram is a powerful tool for brands that established a unique voice and consistent presence.

When creating copy for Instagram posts, it’s important to keep in mind Instagram users are most likely not going to spend lots of time reading – they are on the app to scroll. Aside from using an enticing photo, video, or graphic in posts, be sure to use concise copy in captions. Using too much text will deter the user from engaging with your post. Utilizing hashtags within the caption text can also help a post appear in search results, helping to increase views, improve engagement, and lead to more sales for its products/services.

If engagement on posts is low, don’t be afraid to tweak things as time goes on. Continue to research hashtags to make sure posts are appearing where users are looking. Try out one-phrase captions in some posts and captions with two or three sentences in other posts; testing is important in the beginning in order to find the best way to reach the target audience. Every brand has different social media goals, but starting out with common writing practices can help determine what needs to change or stay the same in the future. The important thing is getting the brand out there in front of an audience and building up brand recognition.


Although Facebook is owned by the same company as Instagram, their content styles are different. Instagram only allows the user to post a photo or video, whereas Facebook posts can include videos, stand-alone text copy, website links, quizzes, and more.

Facebook makes it harder for businesses to appear organically in people’s feeds. Unless a brand is paying for an ad to appear, it can be hard to gain organic visibility on posts. The goal should be to increase views on posts, impressions, and reach are social media metrics to track. When writing post copy, both the Facebook algorithm and the intended audience should be kept in mind. Similar to Instagram, users are on the app to scroll through their feeds to discover new content and keep up with those they are following. One way to appease both the algorithm and Facebook users is to keep post copy short and sweet. Studies have shown that using around 40-80 characters in the post copy engagement can improve on posts by 86%.

Facebook hashtags can also be used in order for organic posts to appear in search results for potential customers. In addition to this, adding photos and other visual elements can also be helpful in organically grabbing a potential customer’s attention. As users scroll through their feeds, it is easy for plain bodies of text to get lost.


Twitter is best known for being a platform where users can come to have discussions and debates, discover current news and events, and post informative industry content. Using Twitter is a great way to increase brand awareness and engage with an audience.

When writing for Twitter, it is important to note that this platform has a maximum character limit for your posts. Posts or Tweets can only be 280 characters or less. This can put a damper on sharing insightful information about a topic or discussion, but it is helpful in making sure that users don’t scroll past the posts.

Twitter is starting to become one of the main channels that customers choose to receive support for their orders. Customers will also often private message brand accounts with inquiries or sensitive personal information. They also sometimes make public tweets expressing their dissatisfaction or satisfaction with a brand. As a result, Twitter should be frequently monitored for opportunities to engage with customers. Be sure to always write back professionally, double-checking any grammar and spelling. Communicating with customers in a timely manner can help improve a brand’s reputation and show customers that providing excellent customer service is one of the brand’s top priorities.


LinkedIn is a social media platform created by professionals for professionals. When deciding what copy to post, be sure that it comes off in a professional manner. Certain posts on Facebook and Instagram won’t be a good fit for LinkedIn. Knowing your audience and providing them with informative information is the key to a brand’s success on LinkedIn.

Content on LinkedIn can come in many different forms. Posts can be 1,500-word blogs, instructional videos, links to pages or products on a website, and much more. Before choosing what content to post, having an understanding of the best practices typically used on LinkedIn is important.

Since LinkedIn is primarily used by professionals, content should not be too pushy or salesy. A brand should provide thought leadership to other industry professionals, customers, and brands. When creating a post, try to post at a reasonable time and post regularly. LinkedIn users are either on the app to find a job, hire a new employee, read industry updates, or discover information regarding their hobbies/interests.

LinkedIn copy length depends on the type of content being posted. A brand can choose to post a snippet of an informational article along with a link to send users to its website for more exposure. As of February 2023, LinkedIn allows for up to 3,000 characters for posts. Research shows that typically longer posts perform better on LinkedIn, but it really comes down to a brand’s goals.

To Sum It All Up

Content is king on social media. But it is not as simple as just posting any content. Knowing how to navigate each platform, write appropriate copy, and engage with an audience is essential to creating the brand’s voice. Outside of following the best practices for each platform, putting a unique identifier and developing a unique voice goes a long way. Additionally, using a specific hashtag helps users identify a brand.

As a brand gets comfortable with each platform and gets some insight into recent post-performance, its audience will begin to develop. With access to audience insights, social media strategies can adjust and begin to accommodate audience likes and dislikes. Eventually building a reputable brand that all followers love to support and follow.

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