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How to Clear Your Browser Cache

January 31, 2023 - Solomon

Why Clear Your Browser Cache?

To better explain the importance of clearing your browser cache, it’s important to start with what exactly your browser’s cache even is. When we visit a website, the website sends us static files that usually don’t change between page reloads. In order to provide a faster browsing experience and reduce spent bandwidth, your browser stores these files on your computer in a store known as the cache.

When we make updates to websites, these static files may change. Unfortunately, since the browser doesn’t download the files fresh each time, there’s no way for the browser to know that there was a change that occurred. This causes the update to not show up for someone who has previously browsed the website. Worse yet, sometimes dynamic files (files that don’t get stored in the cache) will change along with the static files. When this happens, the dynamic files may depend on new changes in the static files, and then unexpected behavior occurs, such as unstyled content and JavaScript errors.

Fortunately, clearing your browser cache is simple, and we’ve created the instructions below to assist you.


Google Chrome

  1. Open the inspect element menu on the page
    • Mac-  Option (⌥) + Command (⌘) + I
    • Windows-  Control + Shift + I
    • OR right click on the page and select “Inspect”
  1. Make sure to have the Console tab selected within the developer tools menu
  2. Right click on the Refresh Button
  3. Select Empty Cache and Hard Reload


  1. Click on the Menu Button
  2. Click on History
  3. Click on Clear Recent History
  4. Leave Cache Checked
  5. Then Click on OK
  6. Reload Page


  1. Click on Safari in the top menu
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Go to the Advanced Tab
  4. Check “Show Develop menu in menu bar”
  5. Go to Develop in top Menu
  6. Select “Empty Caches”
  7. Reload Page


  1. Open up Console on the page
  • Mac-  Option (⌥) + Command (⌘) + I
  • Windows-  Control + Shift + I


  • Right click on the page and select “Inspect”
  1. Right Click on the Refresh Button
  2. Select Empty Cache and Hard Reload

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