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Video Marketing: Trends for 2023

June 21, 2023 - Cassidy

Video has grown to become one of the most popular trends in the marketing industry. From short form to long form, video has conquered digital technology. If your brand needs help to create video content, Solution Agency can help.

Staying informed about popular video trends and upcoming changes to expect is key to staying on top of any digital marketing strategy. Here are a few video trends to expect throughout 2023.

1. Short-Form Videos And Reels Will See An Increase In Views

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Vertical videos and reels are still on the rise on social media. TikTok, a platform based solely on vertical videos, has exploded in popularity since the app went live in the United States in 2018. Instagram and Facebook introduced reels as their own version of these types of videos shortly thereafter. Other platforms are also planning to launch or already have launched this style of video content in 2023.

Social media reels and videos can consist of music, effects, audio, and more. They are an effective way to get straight to the point of the message you want to convey. Reels also provide a more engaging and exciting way to increase brand awareness, can help promote products and help target new audiences.

Additionally, these videos are becoming more accessibility friendly by providing automatic captioning or giving the creators an option to insert their own captions for those who are hearing impaired. More users are joining social media now that there are options for them to participate. The outreach of short-form videos is rapidly improving.

Now that we’ve covered the importance of these videos, let’s get into the metrics. According to a blog provided by wave.video, switching to a vertical-video-first approach has increased views by 507% & watch time by 319%. These results are expected to rise even higher as we move through 2023.

2. Live Videos Will Increase In Popularity

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Live videos are increasing in popularity because social media users tend to feel that the creator’s videos are more raw and authentic when compared to pre-recorded videos. Live videos can’t be edited and are usually unscripted. They show the social media user more of the creator’s personality and true intentions.

A lot of creators utilize live videos instead of pre-recorded ones because they allow the creator to directly engage with their audience in real-time. The users watching can comment and react directly on the live video and the creator can respond back immediately. This helps to build the relationships a brand can have with its audience.

For brands, live videos can also help improve sales. A brand can show a new product and how it works in real-time, allowing potential customers to ask questions and see the product before they decide to purchase it. If a brand is looking to improve overall brand awareness, this is definitely an option its team will want to discuss.

Live videos have been around for a while, but their popularity has massively increased on social media platforms. According to Facebook, users watch live videos three times longer than pre-recorded videos. This social media feature is expected to be more popular than pre-recorded videos in 2023.

3. LinkedIn Video Ads

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LinkedIn is a social media platform that connects businesses and business professionals. If your business operates primarily in the B2B  (business-to-business) space, LinkedIn Ads could be useful for your advertising efforts in 2023. According to a blog provided by Influencer Marketing Hub, advertising on LinkedIn can generate up to 277% more leads when compared to Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn video ads offer targeting options just like the other LinkedIn advertising formats. They help brands achieve marketing objectives such as building brand awareness, driving qualified traffic to websites or post-click landing pages, and reaching a more professional audience.

4. Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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There have been rumors floating around that TikTok will replace Google as the preferred visual search engine. For now, it’s clear that video SEO is evolving at a rapid pace.

Users are starting to optimize their videos so they will rank at the top in search discovery. An internal study by Google revealed that 40% of young people search in TikTok or Instagram when looking for a place to eat lunch versus in Google Maps or Search.

Platforms like TikTok are powerful when compared to Google because the algorithm is tailored directly to the user’s taste based on their direct interactions with the content they consume. By providing users with video results for their search, users can see real reviews and opinions of the service they were searching for, obtain an answer quicker than scrolling through a website, and see a brand’s products before blindly trying it out based on written descriptions.

For now, Google still seems to be at the top of the game for search engines. However, it doesn’t hurt to utilize all available options. If your brand is currently on a social media platform with video SEO, be ready to start optimizing even more in 2023.

5. Vlogs Will Rise In Popularity

More people are watching videos than ever before. Vlogs share an experience in the form of a video that may include graphics, text, and more. They are often considered mini tv shows that are produced by a creator in order to reach fans of a specific product, service, or activity. Each month, over 44% of users watch vlogs online. This usage is only going to increase in 2023 due to the boom in video marketing.

Vlogging has proven to be a successful social media marketing practice in recent years. The projected trends for 2023 are telling brands that vlogs are here to stay.

To Sum It All Up

Video has grown to be one of the most popular trends in the marketing industry. If your brand manages its own social media accounts or manages social media accounts for clients, consider going over which video trends should be included in your 2023 strategic plan.

Let’s Get Started

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