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Social Media Marketing

Connect With Your Audience and Advocates

If you aren’t using social media for your business, you’re losing to your competitors and missing valuable opportunities to build your audience. We develop paid and organic social media strategies that push your brand messaging while optimizing for platform and audience. The benefits of social media are limitless, from increased website traffic to improved search engine optimization rankings.

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Paid Social Media Advertising

Navigating paid social media advertising can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Each social media platform has its own advertising portal, policies, and best practices. Our team of social media marketers knows the ins and outs of each advertising platform and how to best maximize your return.

Paid advertising through social media platforms can be an extremely effective way to reach your audience where they already hang out online, and can often be cost-effective with low cost per click. We can help you define the right advertising platforms for your business, create custom-targeted audiences, and more.

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Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are continuously changing and updating, making it essential to have experts up to date with the latest changes and trends. We worry about the social nitty gritty while you run your business.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
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Our Capabilities

Solution Agency’s paid social media advertising services include:

  • Account setup (if needed)
  • Audience analysis and development
  • Conversion tracking setup & implementation of platform pixels on your website
  • Build out of ad campaigns and different ad sets, build out and utilization of different ad features
  • Craft engaging ad copy and CTAs
  • Monitor, analyze, and optimize campaigns and site traffic for maximum performance and ROI. Automated monthly reports provided on key performance indicators such as followers, post metrics, leads from social platforms, and website traffic from social sources. Reports can be customized with additional KPIs as needed

Be Social!

Grow and nurture your audience where they already hang out—online! Explore our organic social media marketing and paid social advertising solution today.