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Take Your Video Production Higher

Drone footage can up the production quality of any video project. We’re here to help you create unique perspectives and shoot from new views that add character and depth to your videos—capturing the impossible angle of tall buildings, cityscapes, or sweeping landscapes. Tracking the moving figure or vehicle? There’s a solution for that.

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Our Capabilities

Solution Agency maintains FAA-licensed UAV pilots and has the experience and capabilities to provide the following Drone services:

  • Drone Video Footage/Post-Production Editing
  • Aerial Photography
  • Environmental/Landscape
  • Indoor First-Person View (FPV) Tours
  • Commercial/Residential

Featured Projects

Cincinnati, Ohio skyline

Demo Reel

Visual Assets To Elevate Your Brand

Ready to wow your audience with professional photography, video, or animation? We’re all set to bring it to life. Connect with our Photo+Video team today.