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5 Tips For Increasing Your Social Media Engagement

July 27, 2023 - Cassidy

Social media is a great cost-effective resource for growing engagement. Whether a brand is trying to sell a product, grow its audience, provide information, or gain leads, implementing a social media strategy can help accomplish KPIs.

If a brand is currently struggling to get engagement on social media posts or has other engagement issues, it could be due to a number of factors:

  • Social media algorithms
  • Social media strategy
  • Irrelevant topics
  • Irregular posting habits

…and many other factors.

Coming up with a solution on how to overcome the struggle of low engagement is only half the battle. First and foremost, the brand needs to make sure that it has taken the proper preliminary steps to build an effective social media strategy. Who is the target audience? Is the social media post copy keeping the readers engaged? Are posts using eye-catching images or videos?

It is essential to have all of your brand’s social media objectives in mind and a good strategy in place before doing anything else. If the bandwidth to prepare and execute the strategy is unavailable, consider working with a local marketing agency or a freelance strategic planner. Social media specialists and marketing agencies can save time and get the most out of social media engagement.

Our expert digital marketing team has compiled a list of five helpful tips to help make the most of a social media strategy and boost engagement across all social media platforms.

1. Advertising

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Advertising on social media platforms is probably the most common method of boosting engagement. Although it costs money, this method has proven to produce positive results with the right strategy in place.

Putting social ads in front of users can help grow a brand’s followers, build brand recognition, increase traffic to a website, improve sales, and so much more. Most platforms have an analytics tool that can provide guidance on the health of social media ads, determine if any changes need to be made, and evaluate metrics. Solution Agency’s digital marketing team can help any brand manage social media ads and other PPC campaigns.

2. Include An Enticing Call-To-Action (CTA)

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If a brand’s goal from social media is to get more website traffic, have more form submissions, or anything related to a user completing an action, it is essential to have the right CTA to persuade people to click on that text, ad, or button.

If a brand has spent a large part of its budget creating a new eCommerce website or creating a new product, one of the worst things that could happen is nobody discovers or purchases whatever it’s selling. While planning out social media copy, it’s always a good idea to come up with a persuasive CTA along with it.

3. Be Consistent With Your Content

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Social media is extremely fast-paced and content can get lost if not posted regularly. The best way to keep an audience engaged with an account is to be consistent with a specific style of content.

By having a consistent content theme, it will be easier to grow a targeted audience and improve follower count. Platforms like TikTok have algorithms that are specifically tailored to users interests and suggest posts similar to what they’ve liked/watched. This makes it easier to find people who might be interested in a brand’s product, service, or information by staying true to a content style.

This is also beneficial if a brand wants to stand out as an expert in its industry. Consistency is an important practice whether a social media profile is personal or for business.

4. Post Regularly & At Peak Times

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One of the first steps to take when crafting a social media strategy is researching the best day and time to post on social media platforms. This should always be done before ever scheduling out social media posts. If the goal is to improve engagement, it’s important to make the most out of each and every post. If a post is not posted at an optimal time for their audience to see it in their feed, the brand will miss out on metrics, sales, and gaining potential customers.

Knowing how often to post content on social media accounts is also important. If posts are made too frequently, followers could become fatigued and may unfollow the brand’s page so their feed isn’t flooded with its content anymore. On the other hand, if posts are not made enough, followers might not see the brands content and not engage with the brand. Finding a balance of how often to post and what day/time to schedule it is key.

5. Reply To Followers & Provide Customer Support

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Posts have been published on social media and the comments/private messages are flooding in…now what? Replying to messages and comments is a great way to show that the brand cares about its customers and that it values their opinion.

The more a brand engages with its followers, the more followers will want to keep up with its account. Another great way to help customers feel valued is addressing them by name in each public response. This builds trust between them and the brand by proving to them that someone has actually read their comment. At the end of the day, they want to feel like the company they’re giving money to appreciates their engagement and business.

With All That Said…

Overall, social media can be a very powerful tool. It’s important to research the target audience, optimal posting times, and social media platforms before creating a social media strategy. By optimizing social media posts, a brand is more likely to succeed in converting leads, building brand awareness, selling products/services, etc.

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