Purple image of a woman meditating with a rainbow border around it and the print aura logo in the center

Print Aura

Printaura is an on-demand, white-label, drop-shipping solution that will turn your ideas into products under your very own brand! Customers can partner with Printaura and let them take care of the logistics so they can focus on their business.

Brand Identity

White background with a magazine including text about what the brand PrintAura does and a photo of a computer screen with a shopping tab open

A New Atmosphere

Being the first direct-to-garment online printer, Print Aura isn’t the new kid on the block. But with plenty of new competitors entering the marketplace each year, it was time to take a step back and look at the business, its messaging, and its current digital state.

Our team created a new brand identity for Print Aura and crafted messaging based on competitors, target audience, and analytics analysis. We also designed a new online presence for the company, a digital content strategy, and suggestions for a new subscription business model.

Home Page

Graphic of a computer monitor screen with a printaura website open with purple and a=white background

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