Blue graphic with the Richter & Phillips storefrotng with a gold R&P logo in the middle

Richter & Phillips

From a nationwide mail-order catalog to a family-owned diamond and jewelry shop, Richter & Phillips has been Cincinnati’s premier jewelry source since 1896.

Web Design & Development

Photo of a case full of square cut diamonds and a man's hand holding up a diamond with a pair of black forceps

So Much History

So how do you pack so much history into a website? With thoughtful design and development.

We were thrilled to be selected to work on Richter & Phillips’ new e-commerce website. We used WooCommerce as our e-commerce platform since it allows easy customization and delivers a stable online experience.

E-commerce can be tough to tackle, especially with an inventory as large as Richter & Phillips. After designing and developing an updated WordPress website, we were also able to streamline the mass import of their high-end products. Integrating technical SEO was crucial to optimizing their new site.

Home Page

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Online Shop

Graphic of the Richter & Phillips Jewelers bridal shopping page

Product Page

Graphic of the Richter & Phillips Jewelers shopping website with an engagement ring featured

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