Mavericks Kids logo on a red background with a yellow lightning bolt

Mavericks Snacks

Mavericks Snacks is on a mission to fuel today’s growing snackers and empower them to want to eat better. Not an easy task by any means, but thankfully, Mavericks needed our help with something a bit less challenging. We were tasked to help Mavericks create brand assets on an ad-hoc basis for various sales and marketing needs.

Product Photography & Mockups

Banner image of children running

Photo of children grabbing bags of snacks


With an ever-changing retail landscape, Mavericks has to be nimble and responsive to quick requests for up-to-date packaging visuals, new display mockups, and meeting requests. Our team worked to provide quick-turn packaging updates along with 3D packaging and display mockups and social assets.

Sometimes the name of the game is just being ready to keep your brand out there in front of potential customers. Our team was available to help Mavericks do just that and remained flexible enough to ensure they had what they needed for the next big meeting.

Graphic of a Mavericks Kids brand box for birthday cake cookies

3D Product Mockups

Blue graphic that says Wholesome Just Got Awesome with various Mavericks Kids snack boxes

Social Media Assets

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