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For 25 years, BioWheels has drawn inspiration from the world’s best bike shops in a quest to redefine the local bicycle full-service shopping experience here in Cincinnati, Ohio. BioWheels tasked Solution Agency with developing and producing videos to help promote its successful local brand.

Brand Videos & Social Assets

Graphic of a smartphone at a bevel angle with Instagram open and a BioWheels post displayed on the screen

The Perfect Shot

Our team wanted to ensure we matched the uniqueness of the company’s bicycle purchasing process with our video shot selection. We set up multiple onsite shoots for rides in town to get the perfect shots. We used drone video footage and steady-cam capabilities to ensure our final product was on point.

Finding creative ways to showcase your products and services is necessary in this crowded world of brands. As a local company, BioWheels understood the need to change up what they had been doing in the past and start to tell their story to the world through great visuals and video.

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